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Commercial Investigators
Lane & Associates

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Lane & Associates, formerly Van Staden & Associates, a team of dedicated and reputed investigators and specialists, provide a service to a number of Blue Chip Clients and high profile individuals in South Africa and Internationally.

We are a commercial investigation concern, catering to the needs of the corporate world, the legal fraternity and individuals who require specialised investigations or research to be done on their behalf with the utmost discretion.
These services include:
  • Corporate and Criminal Investigations
  • Corporate Intelligence Gathering and Counter Intelligence
  • Electronic Monitoring Counter Measures (De Bugging)
  • Risk Management
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Screening of Staff and Companies
  • Tenant vetting
We use the latest technology and our selected personnel, coupled with their extensive experience, provide a professional Investigation, Research, Counter-espionage and Counter-measures service.

Our aim is to reduce our client's losses and to prevent these losses from taking place by analysing existing safeguards; and where necessary, advising clients on implementing new systems and procedures.
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