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2010 is upon us 22/01/2010

2010 is upon us and here's wishing you all the very best
We are certain it is going to be a good one!

2009 was an action packed year with many successes for Lane & Associates with an exciting new 2010 anticipated ahead.

Three more professionals have joined our team. We welcome Marlize Hollenbach who has extensive experience working in Forensic Audit for S A Breweries, South African Revenue Services, and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council. She is a certified Forensic Examiner with a B.Comm in Accountancy and a Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Auditing.

Deon Jacobs, who is based in Gauteng has 22 years experience in law enforcement and has extensive training in the fields of Firearms, VIP Protection, Fire Fighting, Accident Investigation and International Drug Enforcement training.

Rory Brooks who has 20 years experience and specialises in all L&A camera/digital IP Solutions and security threat studies. Rory recently installed the largest Mobotix IP Camera system in the Southern Hemisphere at a client and has conducted security threat studies at various port terminals in Kenya and South Africa.

Proudly our investigators notched up many successes. They made a breakthrough in Northern Natal by “cracking” 35 cases of armed robbery and the arrest of three gangs. Since July, armed robberies at this group of companies has been reduced 100%!

In another case, three million Rands worth of scaffolding was returned to a client while there has been a marked increase in Cyber-crime investigations. A case, which has enjoyed headlines, is the arrest of a king pin graffiti artist in the Durban area while another case which has been handed over to the SAPS is where an employee was apprehended stealing R780 000 from an employer.


On the debugging side, we have extended our operations further up Africa to Tanzania.

All the best for an action packed 2010

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