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Meet the Team

Carol Van Staden (nee Lane)

Carol was a former investigative journalist with the South African Broadcasting Corporation for 12 years. Her awards included four SABC Artes Merit awards, Prix Natalia awards for reporting on Crime and Violence and a South African Breweries award for conservation investigations. Carol also had six years experience with the South African Police service in the capacity of a Police Reservist.

Paul O'Neill

A former policeman with six years experiance. Has experience in close protection, covert cctv and electronic debugging. Completed the RONIN close protection course in 2001. Manages the Van Staden office and the Electronic debugging jobs.

Allan Alford

Allan has 26 years experience in the South African Police Services. He was Operational Commander Murder and Robbery, Durban for 12 years specialising in Murder, Rape and Armed Robbery.

Memorable cases:
Phoenix Strangler - Serial Killer: solved in 6 weeks. This was a world record acknowledged by the FBI
International experience included an investigation in the Carribean - a Murdered RSA national and in New Zealand - a Drug smuggling syndicate.

Marlize Hollenbach

Marlize Hollenbach has extensive experience working in forensic audit for S A Breweries, South African Revenue Services, and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council.
She is a certified forensic examiner and has a B.Comm in Accountancy and a Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Auditing.

Among Marlize's achievements are initiating a saving of R1.1 million rand a month for the Department of Transport after an assessment.

Theresa Grobler

Forensic Psycho Physiologist

Deon Jacobs

Deon Jacobs has 22 years experience in law enforcement and has extensive training in the fields of Firearms, VIP Protection, Fire Fighting, Accident Investigation and International Drug Enforcement training.

Rory Brooks

Rory Brooks has 20 years experience and specialises in all VSA camera /digital IP Solutions and security threat studies. Rory recently installed the largest Mobotix IP Camera system in the Southern Hemisphere at a client and has recently completed security threat studies at port terminals in Kenya and Mombassa.

Mark Dyson

Forensic Legal Consultant
Mark has 25 years experience with South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority. He was a court prosecutor, manager and a training officer during his time. He currently provides legal support to the private investigators and assistance to clients interacting with the criminal justice system.

Mike Irving

Qualified Forensic Document Examinar
Mike is a Founder Member of The South African Association of Forensic Document Examiners established in March 2008

Danie Botha

A decisive and flexible professional manager and senior investigator with experience in a wide range of high level operational and strategic activities and projects. A proven leader and motivator. Ethical and proactive in the development of others. Experienced in negotiations with corporate, organisations and individuals as well as to investigate the related to reach desired outcome.
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